Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My mani!

Here is a pic of my mani.I used Savvy's Electric Blue from Sally's Beauty Supply,white and Gem Crush Showgirl Chic.Then added some lines and swirls with black and white!It was very easy and I really like it.If you do a mani like this I would love to see it!You can like me on facebook by clicking here!
Hope to see you there :)

Monster High Torelei nail art

My daughter loves Monster High.For those of you that don't know what they are you can click Here.Her favorite character is Torelei Stripe (a cat person) and she wanted to do her nails based on her.Now I knew I could not draw the doll or her face so we had to come up with something that was simple yet recognizable by her friends as Torelei.This is what she came up with.

As you can see it matches her shirt and hair!I'm so proud of her for coming up with this one all by herself!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Scherer Chameleon Blue Sky

Hmm where do I start with this polish?!?!First I have never heard of this brand before and its really cool in the bottle but as you can see in the photo's it doesn't go on very smooth.The brush is very straight and doesn't spread out like most of the other polish brush's do and it causes BIG bald spots.I had to put on 4 coats for it to look decent.
It dried very fast which is a good thing since you have to put on multiple coats and the formula was a little on the thick side.
It's a blue/purple/emerald green duo.It is really pretty but I am quite disappointed with it.
I looked it up and apparently there are 7 other color's to this line but I haven't seen them at my Rite Aid yet and I'm really not sure if I would buy them since this one was a flop.

See?Bald Spots!


Sorry it's a little messy.I didn't feel like doing any clean
up since I was taking it right back off!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday, February 25, 2012

My first review.Nicole by OPI - Iceburg Lotus

First off I love this color it is absolutely gorgeous!It's a shimmery turquoise duochrome.The pictures just don't do it justice it is much prettier in person.I tried to capture the hint of purple duochrome that it has but I don't think I was successful.You can see it in the picture of the bottle alot better then on the nails.There is some bad to it tho,it is very sheer so you will need to do 3-4 coats or use it as a top coat.The brush is horrible.It's stubby and awkward.I had a very hard time getting the polish to go on my nails right like the brush was uneven and it caused alot of streaks and bald spots.Don't let the sticker on the bottle fool you (New Perfect Stroke Brush) it wasn't even close to perfect.
Even with the crappy brush I still love the color and will wear it again....and again....and again!!!
Here are some pics.(sorry its a little messy) Enjoy

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Intro

Hello and welcome to my nail polish blog.I have been addicted to nail polish for almost 2 years now.It all started at the Dollar Tree when I saw some nail art polish's.I bought 4 that day and tried them when I got home.I made a flower and some hearts.I was so proud I showed my mom and we went back for more colors lol.Been in love ever since.Now I have almost 300 bottles and almost everything else that goes with nail art.I do my mom's nails,my daughters,and my own.I will be doing a mix of reviews and nail art.I hope you enjoy your stay here. :)