Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wet n Wild Fergie: Grammy Gold Swatches and Review

Hi everyone,
Sorry about the long delay in post. I will try to figure out how to schedule them and make it work!

  Anywho, today I'm going to show you Wet n Wild Fergie: Grammy Gold!

                                                                     Direct Sunlight

                                                                        In the shade
                                                                       Ahh, delish!

I am loving this gold! It's so pretty!!

Application was great, went on nice and smooth and I love the brush on these!! I barely had any clean up which is a huge plus in my book!
The only gripe I have about this one is that it seemed to eat up my top coat, even with 3 coat's it wasn't as smooth as I would have liked.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing an awesome gold polish!

There ya have it! What do you think?



  1. I love this color~!! Very nice Angel~!!

  2. Your pics are great and it's totally lovely. :) How's the wear time on that pretty lady?

    1. Thank you :) I wore this one for 2 days without any chip's, which is a long time for me.

  3. this is really pretty! love it!