Saturday, February 25, 2012

My first review.Nicole by OPI - Iceburg Lotus

First off I love this color it is absolutely gorgeous!It's a shimmery turquoise duochrome.The pictures just don't do it justice it is much prettier in person.I tried to capture the hint of purple duochrome that it has but I don't think I was successful.You can see it in the picture of the bottle alot better then on the nails.There is some bad to it tho,it is very sheer so you will need to do 3-4 coats or use it as a top coat.The brush is horrible.It's stubby and awkward.I had a very hard time getting the polish to go on my nails right like the brush was uneven and it caused alot of streaks and bald spots.Don't let the sticker on the bottle fool you (New Perfect Stroke Brush) it wasn't even close to perfect.
Even with the crappy brush I still love the color and will wear it again....and again....and again!!!
Here are some pics.(sorry its a little messy) Enjoy

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