Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My entry for Rebecca likes nails nail art contest!

Rebecca over at Rebecca likes nails is having a nail art contest and it includes one of my favorite things..Hello Kitty!!So of course I HAD to enter.Nail polish,nail art and Hello Kitty?!? how could I not.
My favorite things! I want you to create a manicure that you think I'd love, using my favorite nail art techniques or themes, which are: gradients, animal print, bows, dots, and Hello Kitty.
Create your manicure using one (or more!) of those 5 ideas, and submit it.
Your design doesn't have to be limited to these ideas but just make sure at least one is included somewhere.
Feel free to go back through my posts and take inspiration from them!"
I also really like gradients because they are quick and easy!I chose all 5 of them.
I'm not to fond of my "glowing" dots on my index finger but the rest I love!
I used Sally Hansen HD DVD,Gem Crush Lady Luck,Xtreme Wear Mellow Yellow
Jesse's Girl Baby Cakes,Spring Break
Wet n Wild Teal of Fortune
A holographic polish I made(pinky on left hand)
And some color clubs (pink,orange,blue)
Pure Ice Wild Thing
Rimmel Black Satin  Sinful Colors White
Win or lose I had A Lot of fun doing these,so I guess in a way I already won hehe :)
I am really proud of them and I hope you all like them too.
Thank you Rebecca for an awesome contest and thank you also for reading this.



  1. Very Artistic! good luck Angel!

  2. Looks awesome! This is one I'd wear even after the contest. Well done!