Saturday, August 18, 2012

Surprise Inside!!

Hello everyone,

        I have a BIG surprise for all my reader's at the end of this post, so keep reading to find out what it is.

       But, first I have a few swatches to show you and a review of the swatches!

       Julep was kind enough to send me a free box to try out and review for all of you!  As many of you             know Julep is located in Seattle, so I was really excited to feature a product made in my state!  
I took their test and got It Girl and here is what was in it.


                                                                First up Julep Blake

   Blake is a soft yet bright sunny yellow creme.It reminds me of my daffodil's blooming in the spring!!
   Application was a bit difficult.When I first tried it, it was really thick so I put a little thinner in it. I think it was thick from sitting in my mail box and it was 86 degree's outside!
After I put the polish thinner in it, it was a bit better but was still a little streaky, but not as bad as other yellow's I have tried, so I had to use 3 coats to even it out.
Over all I like Blake and will use it again!

                                                                      Next is Claire

 Claire is a very pretty sky blue creme.The application on this one was really nice. Went on so smooth and was almost opaque in 1 coat! It's also a blue that doesn't stain!!
I love this color. It's perfect for Spring and Summer!
                                                         Last, but certainly not least is Morgan

            Morgan is my favorite out of the bunch. I love purple polishes. (thanks to my mom)
            Julep says Morgan is a frosty grape. I agree she is frosty but I don't think she is grape. I think she is GRRRR8-pe AHAHAHA get it?!?! Grrrrr8-pe!! I crack myself up!!
Anywho, application was great (hahaha). And even though it is a frost there isn't much visible brush stroke's.
As you can see there's some blue and magenta shimmer in there too which gives it more depth.
I love this one and will most likely use it again...and again.....and again :).

Here is some nail art I did using Blake and Claire!

                                             My favorite blanket that I based my design from.

If you don't know who Julep Maven is here is a link to their website: About Julep Maven

Now for the SURPRISE!!

Julep was also kind enough to give you all the chance to win your own box!! All you have to do is enter the info in to the Rafflecopter below!


                                                           Good Luck           

You can find Julep's website by clicking here, on Facebook here and Twitter here.

 If you would like to try it out for yourself you can use my link and promo code to get your first box for only 1 PENNY!

The giveaway ends September 7, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*These products were sent to me by Julep for review. I was under no obligation to give a positive review. All opinions are my own honest opinions.*


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    1. I e-mailed them and they should have it fixed soon. But all you have to do is follow through GFC and put in that name!

  2. Btw thanks for the review and giveaway <3

    1. Your welcome hun :) Thank you for supporting my blog!!

  3. Great review. I don't currently own any Julep. I need some in my life becaue Morgan is AAAAAWESOME!

  4. Loved the nail art that you did!!!

  5. Thanks for the giveaway and for the simple entry favorite! I don;t know how people count all those shares and everything without going insane!

    1. LOL your welcome! I don't know how they do it either!

  6. Great Review! I love the nail art too! :) I just wanted to stop by and let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you want to accept it the rules are in this post. <3

    1. Thanks Shelly for the comment and the award!! :)

  7. Awesome review! And ooooo for the surprise! -swoon- The subscribe link didn't jive but I followed on GFC. :D

    1. Thank you.
      Just enter your GFC name and click enter :)

  8. Just discovered your blog. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    1. Awesome! Nice to have you here :)
      Good luck!

  9. Thank you so so much! this is an awesome giveaway and your review was beautiful and honest <3 I have never had the pleasure of using Julep so this would be awesome! I was going too tell you about hte subscribe not working but i saw your answer in the first comment <3 i email subscribe already but now i GFC too sorry i ramble Thank you so much!!